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Rhythmic Questions
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Rhythmic Question:

Q: What is rhythmic gymnastics?

A:  The art of rhythmic gymnastics is a sport combining elements of ballet, yoga, pilates,

dance and gymnastics. There are six different events in the sport of Rhythmic

Gymnastics: floor (free hand), rope, hoop, ball, clubs, and ribbon. Girls perform routines choreographed to music and accompanied by one of the five apparatuses (rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon). If you are looking for your child to grow as a dancer, gymnast or simply gain flexibility this is a perfect sport. Also, since 1984 rhythmic gymnastics is an official Olympic sport. 


Q: What age my child must be to participate in this sport?

A: Recreational classes start as early as 3 years old. Most often girls start around 5 years old. 


Q: Can boys take classes?

A: We do have boys participate in recreational classes or professional stretching.


Q: How do I know what level my child is?

A: If your child has never participated in rhythmic gymnastics before or only had some general gymnastics experience please schedule a level placement by contacting us.

Q: What is level placement?

A: Level placements is used for students who have had previous gymnastics, ballet or rhythmic experience. A coach will spend time with your child to determine their skill level, ability to concentrate, interest level and what class will be best suited for them. Please contact us to schedule your placement test.


Q: What if I want more practice, but do not want to join competitive team?

A: Xcel program is perfect fit for girls who want more vigorous practice than recreational program, but do not want to compete. 


Q: When can my child move up to the next level?

A: Each Spring/Summertime coaches determine if an athlete can move up to the next level. Depending on age, skill level, past competitive season performance sometimes athletes can spend more than one year at the same level.


Q: What does my child wear to the practice?

A: Acceptable clothing items: leotard (black), short, fitted athletic shorts, fitted tank top (black), fitted long sleeve athletic shirt (black), fitted jacket (black), footless tights, toe shoes or toe socks, back warmer, knee pads. No make up, jewelry (of any kind), or long nails. Hair should be neat in a ponytail or bun. 


Q: Can I watch my child during practice?

A: General policy is that parents can’t watch children during practice. The only exception is made on the first FREE trial class.

Q: Do you have rhythmic competitive team?

A: Yes. We have girls from level 3 to level 9. Please refer to the class schedule to see when each level has practice.

Q: If we decide to be on competitive team what do we need to buy?
A: When your child first enrolls, she can use our club's equipment. Once she is situated in correct level coach will determine which apparatus she needs to buy (ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs). Rules also change each year according to USAG. All apparatuses can be bought new or used. Prices variates depending on condition.  Each girls also purchases a pair of toe shoes (sometimes 2 pairs each pair might costs $20-$40), performance leotard (price ranges $35-$300 depending on new/used, size, design etc), knee pads ($10-$20), resistance band ($5-$10). 


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